Upcoming 2013 Events

Sunday, September 8th @ 6:00pm: Fort Worth Happy Hour - The Flying Saucer FTW

For all our friends on the West end of the metroplex, the September happy hour will be held at the ever popular Flying Saucer, located at 111 E Third St @ Commerce, Fort Worth, TX 76102. Please RSVP by e-mail or phone to Erin: tumbleweedef@yahoo.com or 817-715-4318

Official Peace Corps Office Event: Sunday, September 15th @ 12pm: Dallas Pride Parade

The Dallas Peace Corps Office is looking for any RPCVs that want to march with them in the pride parade on Sunday September 15th. Volunteers can start lining up at 10 am, all entries have to be there by 12 pm, and the parade starts at 2pm. There will be some country flags for people to carry, a banner, and some signs that say Peace Corps takes same sex couple applications. The festival starts at 12pm to 8pm, and they are looking for a few volunteers for that for a few hours. Anyone interested in helping out can email Kyle at tjohnson3@peacecorps.gov if they want to volunteer, march in the parade, or if they have any questions.

Saturday, September 21st @ 7:30am: The annual Hearts and Hammers Event

Every year Dallas holds an event where groups of volunteers help repair and rehab properties of those who aren't able to see to see to the repairs themselves. With Gary Zimney's help and coordination, the NTXPCA adopts a house and brings tools and able bodies to help out.

This year our N. Texas Peace Corps Association house is at 4160 Clark College Dr., in South Dallas near Paul Quinn College. Our homeowner is Mrs. Jennifer Peterson, who is disabled due to nerve damage. She grew up in the house, left in adulthood, returned and has lived in the house for the past 10 years.

The work the house needs is straightforward. We will scrape, paint, replace rotted wood, and built a front walk handrail. With 15-20 folks we should finish the house in the early afternoon, and if you feel you don’t have any technical skills please come because you will learn on the job and have a fulfilling time.

For more information, please download the full flyer by clicking here

International Dinner & Fundraiser: Sunday, October 12th

We're going to be holding our second International Dinner Fundraier of 2013 on October 12th. RPCVs, family, friends, work acquaintances and even that strange guy from your appartment block are all welcome to come eat some amazing international dishes and enjoy an evening great storied and company. Admission is $20 and all the proceeds of the event will go to cover the Peace Corps Partnership projects of local volunteers who are currently serving abroad.

If you'd like to prepare a dish for the event, let us know and we'll try to get you on the roster. (We could also a few volunteers to help a with setup and tear down)

Full details including time, location, and RSVP information will be coming shortly, please check back soon!

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